Belief System

Owen O'Toole's CD of rejected TV commercial soundtracks. Clients ranging from Coke to Reebok. 
Only now is this kind of music finding it's way into advertising. 15 years later.

Credits : Owen O'Toole . Geoff McFetridge . Jeffery Plansker

What Balcony

What Balcony

From cassette to CD, the WMFO/Boston show that used a radio station as an instrument for collage chaos. Skipping LP's - Cassette loops - Call in's.
Click the arrow below the disc for a soundbite.

Credits : Owen O'Toole . Jeffery Plansker . Geoff McFetridge

  • BD3WAX

Beneath Detroit : The Creative Arts Collective Concerts

This ad was created for the magazine Waxpoetics. As part of on ongoing CD series from our label Geodesic Disques, these releases uncover and distribute a long overlooked piece of American jazz history (Detroit avant guard jazz of the 80's). Recorded at The Detroit Institute Of Arts and organized by The Creative Arts Collective, artists like Leroy Jenkins, Anthony Braxton, A.

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